Librenms instance crashed due to hardware failure. Need to know the version from DB schema to restore the backup

Hello Everyone,

My Librenms instance got crashed due to hardware failure. I don’t know the exact version of the librenms which was installed. I have librenms.sql DB backup file. I want to restore the data to the new instance. But it is giving schema error and WebUI is crashing after restoring the data. I believe it’s because probably I am installing different version of librenms which has different schema structure.

Is there a way to identify the version of the old instance from DB file ?

Please help !!


My migrations table has the last applied schema migrations, that might give you a tip:

| 203 | 2021_03_11_003540_rename_toner_table                                       |    18 |
| 204 | 2021_03_11_003713_rename_printer_columns                                   |    18 |
| 205 | 2020_12_14_091314_create_port_groups_table                                 |    19 |
| 206 | 2021_02_09_122930_migrate_to_utf8mb4                                       |    19 |
| 207 | 2020_12_14_091314_create_port_group_port_table                             |    20 |
| 208 | 2021_04_08_151101_add_foreign_keys_to_port_group_port_table                |    20 |

If you have that in a librenms.sql export file, you can grep the INSERT line out, break it all in to the new lines and print out the last 10 for easy reading:

$ egrep '^INSERT INTO `migrations`' librenms.sql | sed -e 's/),/),\n/g' | tail -10

Install latest librenms, Then run
That should clear any migrations missing
Else try running php artisan migrate

Hi Everyone,

I have mounted the librenms hardware to another machine, so I have all the files like- etc, /opt/librenms, rrds. But Database dump file got corrupted. Is there any other way to recover database now ?

Please help !


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