LibreNMS Interface Issues

Hi LibreNMS community

I have a few issues with LibreNMS:

Ports Overview: IP addresses are mixed up some times (mostly when I change an IP address on a device’s interface). Multiple IPs are shown on the same interface even there is only one. In this case I need to drop all addresses from the database and after the next polling the problem is fixed.

I’m also using Debian mit openvswitch. When I change something on an “internal” interface and do an “ifdown && ifup”, the ifIndex changes and the port is shown as “deleted” in LibreNMS. Therefore I use ifName for port association. But if I do so, the ifAlias parsing stops working for all physical interfaces used by open-vswitch. snmpwalk for . shows all entries with correct IDs and descriptions.

Any Ideas how to fix that? :slight_smile:

The strange thing: I don’t see the ifAliases with the command shown in “Capture->Poller”, but I do with SNMP Walk.

(ZRH)root@monitor:~# /usr/bin/snmpbulkwalk -v2c -c secret -OQUs -m IF-MIB -M /var/www/ 185.xx.xx.254 ifXEntry | grep ifAlias
ifAlias.1 = 
ifAlias.2 = 
ifAlias.3 = 
ifAlias.4 = 
ifAlias.5 = 
ifAlias.6 = 
ifAlias.7 = 
ifAlias.8 = 
ifAlias.9 = Transit: Upstream ISP
ifAlias.10 = Core: Loopback
ifAlias.11 = 
ifAlias.12 = 
ifAlias.15 = 
ifAlias.16 = Cust: Patrick IPv6 Home
ifAlias.17 = 
ifAlias.18 = 
ifAlias.19 = 
ifAlias.20 = Core: LACP
ifAlias.22 = Server: Public
ifAlias.23 = Server: Private
ifAlias.24 = Server: Monitoring
ifAlias.25 = Cust: WLAN
ifAlias.26 = Server: RIPE Atlas
ifAlias.27 = Server: Access Point
ifAlias.28 = Core: Tunnel Frankfurt
ifAlias.29 = Core: Tunnel Home
ifAlias.30 = Server: Management

(ZRH)root@monitor:~# snmpwalk -v2c -c secret .
IF-MIB::ifAlias.1 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.2 = STRING: Core: LACP Port 1
IF-MIB::ifAlias.3 = STRING: Core: LACP Port 2
IF-MIB::ifAlias.4 = STRING: Core: Bla
IF-MIB::ifAlias.5 = STRING: Core:
IF-MIB::ifAlias.6 = STRING: Core:
IF-MIB::ifAlias.7 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.8 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.9 = STRING: Transit: Upstream ISP
IF-MIB::ifAlias.10 = STRING: Core: Loopback
IF-MIB::ifAlias.11 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.12 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.15 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.16 = STRING: Cust: Patrick xyz IPv6 Home
IF-MIB::ifAlias.17 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.18 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.19 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.20 = STRING: Core: LACP
IF-MIB::ifAlias.22 = STRING: Server: Public
IF-MIB::ifAlias.23 = STRING: Server: Private
IF-MIB::ifAlias.24 = STRING: Server: Monitoring
IF-MIB::ifAlias.25 = STRING: Cust: WLAN
IF-MIB::ifAlias.26 = STRING: Server: RIPE Atlas
IF-MIB::ifAlias.27 = STRING: Server: Access Point
IF-MIB::ifAlias.28 = STRING: Core: Tunnel Frankfurt
IF-MIB::ifAlias.29 = STRING: Core: Tunnel Home
IF-MIB::ifAlias.30 = STRING: Server: Management

Thanks and best regards

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