Librenms is using too much cpu

Hi , guys.
Im concerned about cpu usage on my librenms platform.
Im running two vm on vmware; librenms and nfsen.
Im comparing both vms cpu usage and it looks like:

bottom graph is taken from librenms
top graph is taken from vmware monitor.
left side is from librenms.
righ graph is from netflow collector.

So … I dont understand how is it possible my librenms platform is consumign too much cpu.
Netflow collector is receibing 2gpbs real time traffic and its usage is almost nothing compared with librenms with 12 devices. both vms are identical.

Looking at my htop … there is no a single process taking all the resources.

Please help me
Im sure there is something eating my cpu.

Hello Leandro,

LibreNMS is polling all the devices at once. So every time polling of LibreNMS itself occurs (every 5 minutes) the server is busy polling all 12 devices. This lasts a couple of seconds, and then the machine will idle 5 minutes until next poll.

So most probably, you should understand those CPU graphs as a “maximum”.


you say , “it should be idle after pooling ends”
But it is not.
Also … the cpu usage view from vmware monitor shows very high usage.
So, I think I have something wrong here.

the VMware graph shows cpu spikes when it polling which is normal during the polling.