LibreNMS needs your help

We always need your help but this is something more specific.

We’re using now to build the virtual machines for users, this will enable us to provide these images in a variety of formats. VirtualBox is the first as it’s easily setup and tested. We do however have a lot of requests for VMWare images, unfortunately we don’t have the infrastructure to do this so here’s where you can help.

If you can provide us access to a VMWare vsphere setup that we can use to automatically build the image that would be great. We don’t actually need it for long, half a day per month typically as we plan to rebuild all images when a release is done on the last Sunday of each month.

If you can help with this then please let us know here or speak to me on irc. If it’s provided by a company then we will be happy to place your logo on the LibreNMS website and docs to show your support.

Hi ,
We can help you as Yeditepe University from Turkey.

Can you describe what do you need exactly ?
Private esx server ?

We need access to the host with ssh to run through packer:

It would basically create a new vm, run through our scripts and then export the vm itself.


how much ram, disk do you need ? and what kind of connections can we do ? Which version sex do you prefer.

  1. you can give your static address.
  2. we can give you vpn.
    more secure both of them.

No requirement on version but 6 or 6.5 might be best.

  1. IP is
  2. VPN is fine, feel free to pm me the details.

Ram: 512MB is fine.
Disk: 40GB
Any connection is fine but ideally on a 100Mb line.

I will prepare and inform you next week. First I will check compatibility of my hardware with esx 6