Librenms NFSEN integration

I am trying to get NFSen to see my rrd files. The problem is that NFSen does not see the rrd files and there is no hostname rrd file. There are a bunch of ports and other information in my files. How can I have NFSen see that and then have a tab in librenms? I have added the config lines

to my config.php
// NFSen
$config[‘nfsen_enable’] = 1;
$config[‘nfsen_split_char’] = “_”;
$config[‘nfsen_rrds’] = “/data/nfsen/profiles-data/live/”;


nfsen doesn’t see your librenms files… librenms sees your nfsen files.

What does ls /data/nfsen/profiles-data/live/ show?

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It has a folder for my firewall, then a 2018 and a 04 and a 12 folder and then then the cap failes but no rrd files.


I have now linked my nfsen files to the rrd files I am using for librenms. The output and everything in nfsen is showing up and it is updating using the rrd files. However my graphs are not generating. Any ideas??