Librenms NFSen Setup

Hi Guys, i an new on using LibreNMS, i would like to ask on how can i install the NFSen extension in my LibreNMS server? i am using ubuntu 18.04 OS and i also use all the configuration of NFSen installation: NFSen - LibreNMS Docs. i am having issue on this script: cd /var/nfsen/profiles-stat/sitea/. should i need to install nfsen like apt-get install nfsen or is there other way so i can proceed to next procedure.? thanks in advance :smiley:

on top of the link:

The installation of NFSen is out of scope for this document / LibreNMS

So i hope some1 would like to help you whit it.

yes i read it, i enable my nfsen but no results found.

I have NFsens Work, but it is in other machine, how to integrated with LibreNMS?