Librenms not detecting my system metrics

I tried to do as the instructions say, put config.php in /data/config but it didn’t work. I set the parameters through the console:
lnms config:set snmp.timeout 5
lnms config:set snmp.retries 10
lnms config:set snmp.exec_timeout 1200

It’s been about 15 minutes, nothing has changed.

ok. you are running librenms in docker
can u add container hostname instead of localhost

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I had to delete localhost first. Added librenms, now I’m watching.

It works!

Maybe this should be added to the documentation?

Can you tell me what the default values were, I want them back.
And thanks for your help, it’s been almost 24 hours and everything is working fine.

lnms config:set snmp.timeout 1
lnms config:set snmp.retries 5
lnms config:set snmp.exec_timeout 1200

Ref: Configuration Docs - LibreNMS Docs

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