LibreNMS not displaying toner but Zabbix claims -2%

Greetings -

LibreNMS stops displaying toner info for HPs when the level becomes less than 1, perhaps less than 0. However Zabbix claims -2%. I am pastbining a couple items, validate.php, poller.php -2_host_toner, poller.php 23_host_toner.

Screenshots of negative, positive, Zabbix:

Tony -

Sorry, I forgot, you need discovery.php debug output too.

Pardon the tardiness of my response. Campus migrating from local Exchange to Office365 as well as implementing 2FA. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to be discovered correctly, but then not polled…

    [1] => Array
            [toner_id] => 129
            [device_id] => 46
            [toner_index] => 1
            [toner_type] => jetdirect
            [toner_oid] => .
            [toner_descr] => Black Cartridge 90X HP CE390X.
            [toner_capacity] => 100
            [toner_current] => 92
            [toner_capacity_oid] => .

Can you show the output from this query: SELECT * FROM toner WHERE device_id = 46

I had to replace the toner so it is no longer showing -2% on Zabbix; I do not know if that will affect your LibreNMS diagnosis.

mysql librenms [-E] -e “SELECT * FROM toner WHERE device_id=46” > /tmp/zzz[2].txt

Although a quick check shows toner levels of two similar printers are at 15% and 25%. Mid-terms are coming up soon so those levels should drop pretty quickly. :wink:

@Anthony_Mullen I tried to reproduce your issue, but I could not. Even using the exact data your devices return. It could be an issue with your install only. You could try purging the toner for that device from the DB and letting it get rediscovered.

Tony -

Thank you for the attempt, as well as what commands to run. Perhaps it
is an issue with the HP m600 series MIB?

I will pay attention to my toner levels. When they start to get close
to 0%- I will make sure my system is up-to-date and running. In the
meantime I will take those commands you asked me to run and put them in
a script so when I see the behavior I can quickly run all the commands;
then swap out the toner.

My constituency get a might testy when they cannot print.

Hmmm. The SQL query is printer-specific. I will make a list of them
and tailor the script for each.

Tony -