LibreNMS not properly reporting printer toner levels

Hey everyone! I’ve got a printer toner LibreNMS issue here…

We have 10 printers in our environment, and all 10 are being monitored by LibreNMS. There are two different Models of printers: HP, and RICOH. After some research (checking the actual printer’s web interface physical station) I noticed some printers are not correctly reporting toner levels. All printers incorrectly reporting are RICOH. Additionally, all these share something in common: they are cheaper RICOH machines (all the huge multifunction systems report perfectly).

Any guidance on how to possibly fix would be greatly appreciated.

We don’t have Ricoh anymore but I recall looking into the SNMP and it’s reporting for ink was boolean - meaning it was simply (has ink | does not have ink).

Check these OIDs out.

. = INTEGER: -3 (Black)
. = INTEGER: -3 (Yellow )
. = INTEGER: -3 (Cyan)
. = INTEGER: -3 (Magenta)
. = INTEGER: -3 (Absorber)

If I am correct values are: -1 / -2 / -3 / -4 where -1 is full ink. You need to double check that :wink:

Thanks for that Tadpole. Yeah, I’m suspecting this is the case - especially because some of them work perfectly (the most expensive, large format RICOH printers we have) while all the cheapo and “mid-tier” printers don’t. Not to mention they all report either 50% or nothing — feels like Boolean logic to me.

Whoa! This seems very helpful, yet I really don’t understand it at all :frowning: Unfortunately I’m not that advanced with LibreNMS. I installed it in CentOS and I setup all the rules, but really, in the end, I’m just a newcomer to this application and network monitoring in general.

So, that is just a long-winded way of saying: can you elaborate on this and explain to me what exactly you would like me to do?


Find a printer which has each ink cartridge on different levels.
Then make a snmpwalk to the printer using this OID tree:


Try to locate which OIDs on your printer coresponds to the current ink level.
If you manage to find it - you can then make a proper alerts @ LibreNMS.

For example…