LibreNMS not reporting Citrix XenServer memory properly (CentOS 8)


I’ve added a few Citrix XenServers to LibreNMS which uses CentOS8 I believe.

It seems it can’t pull the right memory info in and instead uses their “Control domain memory” instead.

Here you can see what Citrix sees and is correct for 2 of our XenServers:

But LibreNMS only sees the 8GB and not 512GBs.

What can I do?


They most probably offer this information through a different OID/MIB that needs to be added in LibreNMS for XEN.

Do you have any MIB’s from Citrix ?

It seems the only way to get the real info is to SSH onto the Xen servers and run some Xen commands.

I think some other monitoring systems can run SSH into devices and run commands on behalf if the user, but I’m not sure LibreNMS can go to that level?

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