LibreNMS not returning all devices to Oxidized

Hi, I finally got Oxidized integrated and mostly working with LibreNMS.
Only one thing left, for some unknown reason LibreNMS is returning only 12 devices to Oxidized while I have 30 devices that are not excluded for Oxidized.

I really cant figure out why is it happening.
Here is my Oxidized config:

I dont have any custom settings for LibreNMS


Make sure the hostname set up in Oxidized and LibreNMS are exactly the same, otherwise you will not see the config in LibreNMS.

Its the same as I only expose oxidized-web on for LibreNMS.
It works for 12 out of 30 devices, issue is that rest of the devices are not passed to Oxidized at all.

I turned on the debug mode in Oxidized and looked at log and it accepts the passed devices, resolves the group and fetches configuration without an issue, but I dont understand why is LibreNMS not passing the rest of devices

This was a bug and has been fixed, update.

Hm, I already updated couple of hours ago.
Will update again.

Update: Updated again and restarted Oxidized and it works now.
Thanks for the quick fix