Librenms not sending data to influxdb

Is there any logs that can help debug influx export? I looked at the librenms container but nothing is there.

I can send data with curl from Librenms but the device data is not being sent to influx. I have a live tcpdump listening on influxdb server but I only see the curl command that I do. I am running librenms 21.4 on docker.

What version of influx are you running?
try tcpdump on your libre host to see if anything is getting exported
Also note that if you are using remote pollers, these individually export their data to Influx so will need appropriate firewall rules in place

Why such an old install?

Run the poller in debug mode and it will show when it sends data to InfluxDB.

@wjhi_nz @murrant

I am running InfluxDB1.8. I am interested to update the plugin to work with influx2.0 but want to get it running first.

This is a standalone setup. I am running tcpdump on librenms and also not seeing anything.

We have 21.4 running in production so i figure using the same version. I can update it to latest if all fails. Is this the right place for poller debug information?

I also checked under docker logs librenms_dispatcher but don’t see anything too?

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