LibreNMS > Observium

Just wanted to say that I think LibreNMS is superior to Observium. I ran observium for about a year and a half, it’s a decent product…Libre is better in my opinion. I actually should have just went with it from the jump back in 2018 but didn’t learn about it until I already had observium up and running. To all of the contributors and developers - thank you.


I agree with that. I actually find LibreNMS rock solid, my install is over two years old but keeps going. I’m super impressed with it. Thanks to all who contribute.

I agree as well. Until some point we had an MSP supporting us and they deployed PRTG to monitor everything. Then we ended the contract, PRTG was removed and I started looking for my own solution to monitor stuff. After a few failed attempts to setup Zabbix, Nagios and fancy Grafana dashboards I tried LibreNMS. I basically set it up one Saturday as a learning project and after seeing how easy it is I kept adding devices, dashboards and alarms whenever I had some free time. Now I have 3 years worth of data, it never failed me and required minimum maintenance in those 3 years. I also really like that I can add any device and for most of them the most important things are monitored automatically. With some other tools I tried it gave me nothing and I was supposed to choose the OIDs that I need to monitor? Who has time to do this?!