LibreNMS on AWS

Has anyone successfully installed this on an Amazon AWS instance?

Thank you.

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yes, succesfully installed on EC2, with Ubuntu AMI.
To reach networks on premise, I configured IPSEC connections instead of using VPN by AWS (cheaper :slight_smile: ).
It works fine.

Excellent, Thank you!

Currently I have an issue on the VM: I have to stop and start the EC2 Instance once a day, otherwise the server stops working and hangs.
Not yet found the cause. I suppose it is related to the managing of cached memory used, or the need to run mysql separately, for example using RDS service or similar.

ok, thank you for the heads up on that.

just an update.
I move the DB into a RDS service (MariaDB), and it works very well.
Still problems on the server: I need to restart every 24h, otherwise it start to slowdown pollers and hangs.

The server make also syslog server, and IPSEC VPN to the some remote network.
I’ll try to separate the different functions, in order to understand what is hanging the VM.

Anyone with the same issue?

Thanks and regards