LibreNMS on OpenBSD is not rendering the legend - CLOSED

Just started to move from Observium to LibreNMS and there is one snag I have hit.
The legend in the graphs are not rendered properly.
it seems that RRD is not able to locate the font but I am not sure how to solve this.

LibreNMS on OpenBSD w/ NGINX non-chroot, php56 and MariaDB.
I have run ./validate.php permissions seem to be all fine as the graph itself is updated.
It does complain about fping/git, even though they are installed, but that is not important as far as I can see.

The screenshot is of one of the graphs with &debug=true

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


It seems to be a font problem. Just need to figure out where it’s looking for the font and why it’s not able to find it.

Maybe try the same fix as this guy

Found the solution! xfont6x.tgz needs to be installed of course.
Thank you for the suggestion.

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