LibreNMS Oracle Service or Nigios Service

Hi Guys i see there was one previous post about Oracle and getting it to talk to the LibreNMS server back in 2021 but it didnt make much sence to me, i did a bit of digging and added the nagios service to libre though weather that was correct or actually needed im not sure as there is a oracle service in my version 1.69 and do i use the oracle service instead, we have many servers with oracle instances installed and would like to have a crack at hooking into them

I just wanted to know if someone has done it and has step by step guide as documentation reguards adding a oracle service is poor

cheers in advance I hope someone can lift the fog of war :slight_smile:
Update on post ,ive found the Check_oracle config file (/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_oracle) and it looks to have everything needed to perform the checks, its just how to use it to perform the -tns ping checks
also i have the oracle client installed on the Libre server) in /urs/lib/oracle/21/client64/lib/ (list of files in directory)

Im a bit closer now, i know we can use the built in Oracle service and have found the /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_oracle config , set the variable also installed the client version of Oracle to get the tns ping module on the librenms linux server (oracle-instantclient-basic- and from what we can tell its works in the CLI from the Librenms server to a oracle DB server, we get the tns ping check and login but its just getting the parameter connect in the GUI of Libre to report back @LiKtm did you can anywhere with this also @kafej did you fair any better as to the parameters of the oracle service

also for the image below , those services listed there in the plugins folder are the same as the dropdown services in the GUI for adding a service to a server

just had a break though, apparently you need to add the export commands into the check_oracle config file on and specify the tns names to the IP/sid of the destination server, the oracle service alerts started to respond with different errors

this artical was part of the puzzle

there was a bit here as well to enter the connection string to the tnsnames.ora file on the librenms server


i also found installing WinSCP and sftp into the linux box handy to download the oracle client installer files to allow access to the TNS module and get at the files needed to install, i just had to find a location where librenms user had sftp permissions to dump files into and then it was easier to run from CLI ssh

I hope this help people in getting it to work and reduce the amount of time taken as it took two months to figure it out and i needed help from people who new more about oracle DB commands and a bit of linux

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