LibreNMS Service, discovery?

I’ve switched to the LibreNMS Service and so far as I read that involved generally disabling all cron jobs except the “php artisan schedule:run” part.

However, I’m not entirely sure if discovery is running at this point. (I care about re-discovery in my case, not auto-discovery).

I’ve re-read through the documentation, and I’m not entirely sure if I should re-enable the cron stuff for discovery.php or what. The current documentation still talks about the cron jobs for several php files, not just discovery, so I’m not entirely sure 100% which terms to accurately represent my situation right now, or even how to “interpret” that. Wouldn’t we want everyone to use LibreNMS Service method instead of the discovery/other cron tasks? Or what?

Either way, I’m not entirely sure how to tell if discovery is happening. but I’ve been waiting for a few devices to rediscover (I hit the rediscovery button for each of them like >10min ago, and my polling frequency is 1min not 5min for all the things, and RRDs have already been converted).

What can/should I do here? I’m not sure if this is also a shortcoming of the documentation or not. :frowning:

Yeah I really see no evidence discovery/rediscovery is happening with the LibreNMS Service operational. Not only have 4x devices not actually rediscovered (CPU arch change, RAM capacity change), but under the poller section there’s a number of discoveries listed as pending. But I’m unsure the “prescribed” thing to do. Re-enable the cron? Something else? I checked the documentation again and I really can’t be sure.

Look in the poller configuration screen to make sure the discovery process is enabled there.

  1. WebGUI → “Global Settings”
  2. ->“Poller”->expand “Distributed Poller”
  3. “Discovery Enabled” is set to on.

Wrong place :wink:

Gear ->Poller → Settings
Select each poller on the left and check the discovery settings there.

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D’oh! “Discovery Enabled” in that section (Gear->Poller->Settings) was off! I don’t recall this part being mentioned in the documentation mind you :wink: But thanks! That’ll probably do the trick, but I’ll continue to watch it closely. :wink:

Default is on, not sure how yours got turned off.

I can’t say really, as I’m the only human touching it and I can’t speculate why I would ever turn it off, hah! This is an install I set up I think almost 3 years ago (I could swear it was further back than that?). Naturally updating in-place over time. (daily)

Anyways, thanks for pointing me to that! Turning the setting on didn’t seem to change the situation (left it like an hour). But just now I restarted apache2 and the librenms service, and the “devices pending” section for discovery went to 0 and the “new info” I’d expect looks to be there :wink:

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