LibreNMS Sponsoring Developer to attend Laracon EU

LibreNMS will be sponsoring maintainer and frequent contributor murrant (Tony Murray) to attend Laracon EU next week including travel, lodging and admission. Laracon is a conference covering Laravel, an open source project that LibreNMS has used to great success to modernize the core PHP of the project. Particularly around database query generation and web page generation and routing.

The goal of the sponsorship is to improve knowledge of those that contribute and increase visibility of the project.

Message from murrant:
I would like to thank the other maintainers for encouraging me to take this opportunity. If anyone is at the conference, hit me up for a LibreNMS sticker!

Maintainer jellyfrog will also be attending Laracon EU.
Sponsorship was offered to other maintainers, but none accepted.

Depending on the success of this sponsorship, LibreNMS may offer sponsorships in the future to other events and make them more widely available to contributors in addition to maintainers.