LibreNMS SVG Logo Issue in Some Zooms

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I’m not really familiar with the SVG format but I noticed a funny issue with the LibreNMS SVG Logo that is used in the WebUI (images/librenms_logo_light.svg). In certain Zoom levels the i just goes missing…

Same issue is with the logo on the site (

See this screen-recording (GIF) how it happens:

Hello nice gif :smiley: did not realize with the zoom.

I believe it only happens on Windows OS and only with certain versions with Chromium, if you want to test to see if the new Chromium fixes it check here Is LibreNMS now "L breNMS"?

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I was searching for an existing thread about it but didn’t find any…

Indeed it seems to be a Chromium issue (but also in Chrome on Android…) so will have to wait…

But to be honest, while it might be “triggered” by something Chromium did, it still seems that there’s something off with this SVG code (as a sign of it… check what happens when you open this SVG with this online editor - which randers all my smaple SVGs all good. It bsically shows only the i! So the i is treated diffrently for some reason.)

Actually here you go… In Dev Tools you can clearly see what’s wrong…

I tried doing a PR for it (hey, my first… I’m not really into coding…):


merged, thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I did a PR for the website logo as well

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Nice one Yisroel :+1: