LibreNMS user sees maps

Hi. I setup for one of our clients access to LibreNMS to see the devices we monitor and host for them.

However, they also get to see the Devices -> Device Groups list (that don’t below to them) and the Overview -> Maps which also doesn’t below to them.

Effectively, they see data and connectivity they shouldn’t be seeing.

How can I limit these views to only see what is specifically related to the only devices they should be viewing?


I faced the same issue

What I’ve done is to modify the PHP directly.
The key is the Auth::user()->hasGlobalRead() variable. You can control everything with that.
In my case first I went to print-menubar.php and used the variable Auth::user()->hasGlobalRead() to customize the view of our clients so they can’t see all the menubar (only the logout and little less).
Then went to the worldmap under html/includes/common/ and also customized the view.