LibreNMS VPN to Mikrotik


I need a help to set up a VPN between our Libre NMS EC2 Instance to multiple remote sites with Mikrotik routers. Those sites are WIFI clients - ideally to monitor all access points, clients, etc. I’ve tried TincVPN but I could not make it work. Any help would be really apprciared.


Honestly, I would spin up a new Instance and install the Mikrotik CHR. Let that handle all your VPN connections and talk to LibreNMS.

Hi Wolfraider,

thanks for your advise . I have tried that long time ago and remember could not make it work . I set up the MIkrotik CHR EC2 router within same network as my Libre instance but for some reason I can’t make that TincVPN work. As far as I know and what I’ve read so far Mikrotik does not support Tinc client unless otherwise.


Use ipsec or something similar for Mikrotik to Mikrotik VPNs. We use IPIP on ours and works well.

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Hi Wolfraider,
thanks for your help. Ive set up a cloud CHR router (set it as SSTP server) connected it to the one remote sites. I can connect all other sites too the problem is to connect the cloud CHR router (VPN SSTP server). Libre NMS and CHR cloud router are sitting on same subnet in my VPC I can ping each other but I but seems I cant ping remote nodes. some routing issues I presume. Anyway I will keep digging into this
Thank you !