LibreNMS WeatherMap plugin - How do I change WeatherMap node color if link is down or up?

I am new to LibreNMS. I installed the WeatherMap plugin.
Everything works.great so far.

I have a WeatherMap question: Where can I find the I ( rrd ? ) location in LibreNMS so that a WeatherMap can change the color of a Node if an interface changes from up to down.

In my google searches , it appears easy and straight forward for WeatherMap to get the information when it is a plug-in on Cacti. However , I have found zero results on my google searches for WeatherMap to change Node colors if an Interface changes state ( up / down ).

I would guess that what am looking for is in one of the LibreNMS ( rrd/device ) directories.
I am lost as to what I am looking for.

Any help and a sample section of Weathermap config -and- how to find a interface status up/down data in the rrd files will be greatly welcome.

Thank you for and feedback & information.

North Idaho Tom Jones

EDIT - Note added - I already know how to change WeatherMap node colors by using the WeatherMap fping. I am looking for information on changing WeatherMap node colors based on interface is up or down ( example , a ethernet link on a switch changed from up to down.

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