LibreNMS wrong parsing for optical power in Huawei device

we’ve recently found out that libre is not parsing output from this OIDs: . and . in the correct way.

The switch model is CE8861-EI firmware V200R005C10SPC800
Our LibreNMS version: 21.1.0 - Tue Feb 02 2021 03:57:06 GMT+0100

For example our other Huawei device CE6857-48S6CQ-EI is being parsed just fine. There is only one difference, apart from model type, between them, there are no QSFP+ transceivers with 4 lanes in the CE6857.

poller -h xxx -d for the sensors module with hwEntityOpticalTxPower:

snmpget for those OIDs:

Table that confronts the results:

I can’t figure out from where those numbers are coming. The Huawei support page says: The actual value is the current value divided by 100
MIB for optical modules in Huawei devices: hwOpticalModuleInfoTable - CloudEngine 8800, 7800, 6800, and 5800 V200R005C10 MIB Reference - Huawei

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