Limiting monitoring of the storage folders


I’m trying to limit the number of sub-folders that LibreNMS has automatically detected and is monitoring. I read on a post that it is possible to do it with ignore_mount_regexp in config.php.

I added the following configuration:
$config['ignore_mount'][] = "/var/*";
$config['ignore_mount'][] = "/dev/run";
$config['ignore_mount'][] = "/run/*";
$config['ignore_mount'][] = "/sharedfolders/*";
$config['ignore_mount'][] = "/sys/*";
$config['ignore_mount'][] = "/tmp";

Should the configuration take effect immediately or do I need to run the config to apply changes? I also tried restarting the container (I’m running LibreNMS in a container), but the folders still show up under storage.


You need to run discovery again. It’s set to run every 6 hours but you can run it the devices in question.

Thanks. Even after more than 6 hours, those mounts still show up. Are the rules wrong?

Wildcard “*” is not valid.

For those mount points, you want ignore_mount_regexp instead of ignore_mount

Of course, using a valid regexp expression :wink:

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Thanks. That helped with most of the mounts. Now only 2 remain:


I have the following rule which should take care of both of them:

$config['ignore_mount_regexp'][] = "/run";

It doesn’t seem to have any effect. Any ideas?