Link LibreNMS to MS Teams

Im trying to tie my LibreNMS alerts into our MS teams. I enter the link to the channel in the Alerting Settings tab and it updates the config, but when i try to test transport, i get a “General error” message. Any way i can look at that error message to find out where its failing?

Yes, we have a testing script available. Please go read the docs.

@laf - I can see that you are putting a lot of time & effort into this project. Besides building a great product, we also need to build a great community. Providing a link to the correct section in the documentation would really be helpful.

I don’t know if you are referring to

  1. Device Troubleshooting
  2. Test Units
  3. Testing

The above links are the most appropriate answers when I search for ‘test script’ in the documentation. None of them mention integration. The 3rd Party Integration section doesn’t mention MS Teams specifically and I don’t see any test scripts there.

Under testing?

So, test-alert.php in 8. Alerting -> Testing of the documentation.
Thank you.

Agreed but that doesn’t mean that people should blindly post an issue without first at least spending some time looking at past answers and the docs - at a minimum.

I wrote this a while ago and it still stands to this day: Interacting with Opensource projects


Back to Wdtbillbrasky. Will running test-alert.php -d give him/her the required output that explains why clicking the orange tick mark to test the alert fails?

It would provide more information to go on

Thanks all. I will take a look at that tomorrow!

I had the same problem as wdtbillbrasky and I probably did the same thing wrong. Instead of adding a “Incoming Webhook” connector to the channel and use that URL in the msteams transport I used the channel link.

Even with the debug flag in the test-alert script the only error you get is 'string(43) “Microsoft Teams returned Error, retry later”.

Not until I used curl directly to try to send json to the channel did I find out that I needed to add a connector.

Hopefully someone will find this info useful, I would have :slight_smile:

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