Linked WebUI for remote sites

I’ve recently setup a instance of LibreNMS in my DC and started playing around with the distributed pollers in other data centers. It seems to be working…ok… but as I read through the forums, it seems that the intention of distributed pollers isn’t necessarily used for remote use. I’ve got site-to-site VPNs running between my sites, and I’ve got things working, but notice there is some performance issues.

What I’m wondering is instead of having to log into several webui’s to check out each site, is it possible to ‘link’ them into one common ui, or each site is able to connect to the other remote ui’s, etc.

I’m thinking it is best for me to install separate instances at each site because latency between each site averages around 200 ms. And database reads for sure are super slow.

This isn’t really want I want to do as it seems like a lot to manage, but unsure how else to solve this. I have PRTG setup in each location because I want to get reports on bandwidth and I can do the polling to one main site with an agent. It would be awesome if LibreNMS did this.

What is the community recommendations?