LLD/CDP for Windows Clients

Hi ,
Lots of conversations has been made for this topic but i want to ask again. As you know, you can use Autodiscover function with LLDP/CDP by Neighbours tab.

When you want to use on windows clients , windows does not support Cdp/LLDP natively. I try to find a solution for this porpuse, because i need to monitor.
I have installed “haneWIN LLDP Agent for Windows” as a windows service and lldpd for linux clients. Both of them can receive and send data. When i rediscover clients to Librenms, i see that i can see LLDP data in neighbors top of switch which my linux and windows are connected.
But when i look from clients properties from librenms, i couldnt see neighbors tab. Are there any limitations from client site Neighbours tab or is ist possible to enable. PS. Auto discover is enabled in client properties.

If you can make Windows supply data via SNMP, yes. If you can make it supply data via LLDP-MIB, it will work without modification to LibreNMS at all.

Bottom line, Windows doesn’t supply this information.

Looks like if you run the windows SNMP service along with this right here: https://www.hanewin.net/lldp-e.htm
it might solve your issue.

I tried Hanewin.
When you use you can see Neighbours from switch side of Librenms, you cannot see from clients side.