LLDP Discovery without using DNS

Hi all,

I have a few hundred switches that are segmented into about 20 different sub domains. As there’s so many sub domains I can’t list them all in resolv.conf (due to the limits there are). This is causing an issue when using LLDP discovery, as the neigbour returns its host name (short name, not FQDN) but then LibreNMS can’t resolve it.

Short of changing the name of each and every one of the switches to be it’s full FQDN is there anything I can do. I’ve looked at the config and enabled discover by IP figuring that this might get me a bit closer, for example if LLDP returned the management IP address of the neighbour as opposed to the sysname then LibreNMS could use that instead to continue the discovery.

I’m guessing though that this would require me to edit includes/discovery/discovery-protocols.php and use something like lldpRemManAddr from lldpRemManAddrTable as opposed to lldpRemSysName from lldpRemEntry. Is this even possible? Am I going along the right lines? Am I missing a far more obvious answer?



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Hi Luke,

This feature is now merged into LibreNMS master, and will be included in next stable release end of May.