Lnms scan eating up all memory and get's killed by OOM

When I run a “lnms scan”, even with “-t 1”, suddenly all available RAM get occupied:

Then a few seconds later the process gets killed by the OOM and exits with " The process has been signaled with signal “9”."

Now the docs say that LibreNMS has a RAM requirement of 8GB, my machine already has 16GB but this still happens.

Is this a known bug and is there some work-around I could try?

Ok, for anyone else running into this:

The reason seems to be a too large network-mask. There are network-examples with /12 and /16 in the config.php. If you enable them, the memory gets exhausted.

My solution now is to have several entries with smaller subnets like:

$config['nets'][] = "";
$config['nets'][] = "";
$config['nets'][] = "";

instead of:

$config['nets'][] = "";

Still, I think this is something the devs should address. Either fix the cause of the exessive memory-usage or at least update the config-example with settings that will not crash when enabled.

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