Load_average alert rule?


So far we haven’t find a way to create alert based on CPU average load. There is graph generated by RRD tool, but we haven’t find any relation between existing (available) entities and RRD graph data. Specific use for this alert is on multicore platform, where if we have rule regarding CPU usage, it raises alert based on single core load. It would be much more convenient if there would be way to trigger alert if there is average load for all CPU cores.
If you need any additional explanation about our question i will gladly provide them.


This isn’t possible at present.

I run into this issue as well with some linux based vpn servers. Multi-core, etc, they will alert for CPU because certain processes are single threaded, and can spike a single cpu briefly. I’d love to see a CPU average across multiple cores.



I’d also like this feature. It’s an odd omission from a monitoring system. Single core CPU usage isn’t terribly useful as a measurement for a multicore *nix box, especially wrt alerting.

There exists a workaround here Overall CPU usage alerting but I’d very much prefer an official solution that’s maintained by the developers rather than a script someone wrote.


This would indeed be very nice.