Local influxdb database

Greetings, I made the integration of influxdb with Librenms, but I’m having trouble finding some information like the state of the bgp session (start
established) on NE40 huawei, is there any way to know in which tables I can get this information? or any way to query? I looked in the bgp and cbgp table and found nothing.

the closest I could get was this table (bgpPeerStablished) that returns this value

We don’t store non-numerical data in InfluxDB, you’d have to pull that from the DB or the API

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is it possible to integrate the database directly with grafana? or some way to use the api in it?

Grafana supports MySQL as a data source: MySQL | Grafana Labs

I was doing some testing, and I noticed that the OID for this bgp function returns a numeric value, in the case of established = 6, but I think libre transforms this to characters at some point, I’ll try direct integration with mysql.

In that case we could ship it InfluxDB and probably even create an RRD file for it as well.

Unfortunately I’m not doing much dev on LibreNMS so someone else would have to pick it up.

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