Locate Wireless Client by MAC

We are slowly migrating from our current monitoring solution to LibreNMS and it’s going extremely well and does exactly what we need it to do. There is one feature of the other nms that I can’t seem to replicate in LibreNMS. In our facility we routinely have employees that misplace their wireless phones. On our old platform we would search for the MAC address and it would tell us the last access point that the MAC was seen on so we would know what room the phone was in. Is there any way to replicate this in LibreNMS? The wired MAC’s are easily searched but not having much luck on the wireless side. We’re using a Cisco 5520 wireless controller. Thanks.

Hi @wgallt
This information is not collected nor stored for the moment. Of course, you can start developing it, and contribute back to LibreNMS project. This is not an easy project, cause LibreNMS does not have the DB structure for it for the moment. So you would first need to define this structure (and discuss it with the community), implement it, and add the discovery/polling code to populate it.

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