Location Map Regex Substitution

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I’m working on building an new Librenms server to replace one that on a now unsupported OS and I’m trying to get everything working via the new 'lnms config:set" commands instead of doing things in the config.php file and while everything else seems to be working fine I am running into a problem. I’m following the config docs to set the regex substitution for locations using the example command lnms config:set location_map_regex_sub '["/Sink/": "Under The Sink, The Office, London, UK [lat, long]"]' as a base but am not seeing the substitutions happening and when I use lnms config:get location_map_regex_sub I do see the value that I set. With the config.php method on the old server the location changed pretty much immediately but I’m not sure if there’s an additional step that I’m missing or if I just need to be patient.

I’m still not able to get this to work but since I really only need it for setting the lat, long for the locations I’m just setting that on the locations themselves so it’s not that big an issue.