Low Performance of Distribute Poller

There are little questions of distribute poller.

  1. Low Performance

Is it low performance of distribute poller ??

Because I have device that total device about 2xxxx(ONLY Ping). The signal librenms without distribute poller is polling normal that without unpolling message. (2 core vCPU)

Now the new librenms use distribute poller and always show the message with unpolling device, the total number of poller is 5, total device is 5xxx.(ONLY Ping) (12-24 core vCPU)

Signal librenms can service about 2xxx device , but distribute poller is very low.

  1. Traffic view of firewall is show only one poller work per group.

Is can be share loading for other poller per group??

Question 1 and 2 .

Is it normal??

Many Thank~

The issue had beem solved.

Because my linux is Ubuntu Desktop version.

I changed the Ubuntu Server version and improved performance.

It can be sharing loading if having many poller.

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