MAC Address History

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This is an extension of the FDB table feature request that is marked as complete. In that request, it was discussed about adding a “Last seen” and/or “First Discovered” date to the FDB information to help track MAC addresses over time; however, that part was never implemented.

It would be very useful to have this information in Librenms as it would allow us to centralize more of our monitoring and replace another product we are using for this purpose (NetDB

Some ideas:

  • Configurable retention time (30 day default?)
  • Faster polling (iirc FDB info is part of the discovery process not polling)


It sounds extremely useful. The times I had needed that info, I’d kill for that info.

In addition, the same historical tracking could be implemented for ARP tables.


We would love to get rid of Nedi, and right now this is probably the only feature missing in LibreNMS preventing us to do this.


Same here.


Have the same necessity. Really useful feature.
Often have tasks to find where the device/vms connected was.
Now using nedi for this. If will add to libre arp/mac history tracker will be great!
Thankful in advance.


Cacti has this functionality with a plug-in currently ( under GPLv2. Not sure if this would be an easier solution to implement.


It would be awesome.


+1 would be great to have!


+1 from me.

I’m doing exactly that (MAC/IP first discovered, last seen) with own-brew software, but it would be great to have it in Libre as all my colleagues would then be able to retrieve that information too. (Not, that they already can’t right now, but my ability in producing good and easily comprehensible web interfaces is somewhat limited…)


@PipoCanaja has recently merged a FDB history for first discovered, last seen on MAC addresses.

If thats what your looking for


Yep, it was recently merged.
Please let us know if it fits your need. By default, the history is kept for 10 days, but it can be configured. Check the documentation.
If you are still missing features, please document it here so we can see how to improve it.


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