Mac OSX sensors

Hi there,

I’m new to libreNMS and SNMP in general but do find the software useful. I had recently added my macOS X serverm namely a Mac Pro to be monitored.

I noticed, unlike Linux, there are many sensors which are missing. I have tried search and looking for possible leads as to how I can have sensors displayed and monitored via libreNMS.

Please do accept my apologies if I’m posting in the wrong section or if its a stupid question.

Which sensors?

Likely MacOSX does not provide the data you are looking for over SNMP :frowning:

Can you show the snmp output for the sensors you are looking for?

Apologies murrant, I’m relatively new to SNMP and the likes of it. Would you be able to grant me some guidance how I can pull the information out. Basically, I’m looking for items such as CPU temp, ambient temperature and stuff.

I’m currently using the iStats app to view such information but would definitely want to move to libreNMS for my monitoring needs.

As an example, what I can see from iStats app.

iStats appears to run locally on the device and does not use SNMP.

Try posting these things and perhaps that will show something:

HI murrant, please see the URLs:

the third one didn’t include the SNMPWALK. Try again. If you want i can post my MAC OSX SNMP walk. :slight_smile:

Apologies, realised I had the command keyed in wrongly.

Please see the snmpwalk output -

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I don’t think I see any temperature information in that walk. Sorry.