Make "Launch Browser" links configurable

The webUIs to most of our devices are via http, not https. It would be nice if the details of the URLs could be configured on a device by device basis. Maybe even tested at discovery time?

Is there a way to globally set this to http?

Lack of support for this and especially poor support for Ubiquiti products made us drop consideration of LibreNMS for our management system. But while I was playing around with it, I used this bash script to modify the code:


Replace https device web links with http:

for FILE_TO_FIX in ‘/opt/librenms/html/pages/’ ‘/opt/librenms/html/includes/’ ‘/opt/librenms/html/includes/table/’
echo ’ ’
echo “Modifying https HREFs in file ${FILE_TO_FIX}”
echo ’ ’
sed -i ‘s#https://#http://#g’ “$FILE_TO_FIX”
grep ‘http://’ “$FILE_TO_FIX”

I would love to have that feature also, a lot devices we use do not have https and it would rock if this can be set as desired.
About the script, which commands i need to execute for this? (it worked btw so thanks but did it manually :blush:)

This should be a configurable setting.

For our use case, all of these devices which have web based administration are in the protected network, so using https isn’t necessary; and would be a significant time investment to make work without annoying certificate errors (assuming overzealous browsers don’t completely block some older equipment that may not support the more current cipher suites and protocols).