Managing "down" ports alerts

Hey folks,

I’m looking for a solution to manage “down” ports for a variety of network devices. Alerts on downs ports on core/distribution/data center switches are mandatory, but not on access switches.

Many of my equipment are Cisco devices and access ports are configured with these options:
no logging event link-status
no snmp trap link-status

But I think that LibreNMS doesn’t use this SNMP option to get the status of a port. What’s the best practice to manage access ports? Our staff uses only laptop, so access ports continue to change from UP to DOWN.


That could depend on your network config but if the core/distribution ports are trunk then you can check the column ifTrunk is dot1q. If you have good descriptions on the interfaces that use the port parsing you can check ports using those.

If they have certain vlans you can check, the list goes on so more info from you would help.


Based on your information I see two approaches for my use case:

  • Ignoring specific vlans (all users vlans)
  • Adding a specific description to all not monitored ports (all access) and ignoring ports with this specific description

So, where can I configure this ignoring rule for all ports? I don’t see anything like this in the “Ports” menu.