Maps are no longer correct with mikrotiks

I am having an issue with network maps. I have a lot of mikrotiks and they are discovered correctly. All interfaces, neighbours details are correct. SNMP is happy and working. At a stage the maps was correct and had all the connections and relationships in place. Since the upgrade this has all reverted back to just the CDP type neighbours. Is there something I am missing or has something changed specifically to cause this?

Can you share a screenshot of what you mean?

The map itself used to have all of the routers (about 120 for now) and all the links in place. After an update this disappeared and has changed to what now is only CDP. These are mikrotiks which dont have cdp, or lldp etc not cure why it broke, very strange… I also dont know which version it was before it broke.

Nothing has changed on that code for a long time.

Try $config['network_map_items'] = array('xdp','mac'); in config.php


That is exactly how it is and was configured. I dont know what has changed or why but it remains an issue. Will have to start digging to find out why.

Thanks anyway.