Hi, i am trying to add a mattermost to the alert list can someone give me some help please?


Just use the existing Slack transport, as they are compatible.

The transport type Slack works well with Mattermost. But there is also a transport type Mattermost in LibreNMS which I couldn’t get to work. I always get 404 errors.
Any ideas on how to get that to work?

Mattermost transport works without problems for me. Just use the webhook URL mattermost gives you when creating a webhook.

I know, this is ancient, but I have the same problem. The Mattermost transport always responds with 404, while the URL can be opened with a web browser. Does anyone have a solution for this?

In my case I renamed the channel, but the url didn’t change. Copying the channel url and getting the last part from that url solved my problem :+1: