Memory Graphs - FreeBSD - stacked - wrong Calculation - MIB's are correct

Hi all,

have been looking for a hint in the various channels but no dice,

Im currently switching from Observium and MRTG over to LibreNMS - and while the setup works mostly nice - there is one aspect that prevents a 100% cutover - all FreeBSD machines are showing “stacked” graphs.

I have 16GB total Mem in this example - running a couple of jails - nothing specific - but the graph show the following picture.

All other OS and distros - Debian / Ubuntu / Win are showing correct.

any insight?

the other systems are showing the correct Graphs (not added here)

Adding the compare Screenshot

I don’t have an answer for you, but I assume you’re aware of the individual graphs available in Health->Memory - do these individual graphs show the correct data or are they also incorrect ?

It’s pretty hard to tell from your overview graph what’s going on as the overview graph on the device’s main page doesn’t have any MB values like the one on the Health->Memory page does.

Hi DBMandrake,

yes im aware of the health graph - same picture there

and thanks for the pointer on the numbers - hope this screenshot explain. the situation a little better.



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