Memory Leak on Dashboard with WorldMap Widget

We are using a librenms dashboard on a large format display, that includes a WorldMap widget only. Over time, the memory allocation to this browser-tab grows dramatically, then after ~12 hours will crash the browser-tab due to lack of available system memory. I’ve tried to debug the memory growth/leak, and “think” it is due to leaflet events that are not hitting javascript garbage collection. Our configuration of this WorldMap widget is defaulted to use openstreetmaps, and shows up/down status markers for devices.
I’ve tracked the instantiation of the worldmap JS object(s) to the librenms.js javascript file, but I am not familiar enough with javascript to pinpoint the exact root cause. My best guess is the bootgrid.js “reload” function is not marking these leaflet events for garbage collection, and letting them remain after the ajax call completes, thus stacking up a pile of unused event listeners (memory leak).

Here is a chrome head-shot snapshot comparison to demonstrate the growth issue.

Any guidance on how to resolve this would be great. We love using the libreNMS dashboard on a large format display full-time to have a quick heads up visual of our infrastructure, but having to forcefully reload the page to clear the memory leak is not ideal.

Chrome version 72.0.3626.119

I’m not much good at troubleshooting JavaScript. Anything you can do would be appreciated.