Memory Rule


I’m trying to create a rule that will alert when the memory of the device reaches its warning level for memory usage. But I can’t seem to get it to work, here’s what I got.

%macros.device_up = “1” && %mempools.mempool_perc >= “mempool_perc_warn”

does that look right?

thank you,

Here’s what I have.

%mempools.mempool_perc >= “90” && %mempools.mempool_descr = “Physical memory”

I don’t think you need to check if the device is up, because if it’s not it’s going to get a null value anyway which will certainly be under your threshold.

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Thanks, network-guy I will give your rule a try.

If you want to use the variable mempool_perc_warn, it seems you have to put it in “inverse quote”, like `mempool_perc_warn` in the rules.

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thanks pdgaaa,
this was the suggestion that actually worked, and I had to use the same quotation to compare a value with storage_perc_warn and processor_perc_warn