Meraki Switch Syslog not working

Hi, I am a very beginner of LibreNMS.

I am having a problem to add syslog of meraki switches to LibreNMS in Lubuntu 18.04
I installed rsyslog and I checked that the feature was created on the libreNMS page.(Overview > Syslog)
And I added a meraki switch at the device tab and went to overview>syslog and chose the right ip address of meraki switch and filtered but it was shown nothing. But I added my firewall successfully to my libreNMS.

Is anybody successfully add a meraki syslog to LibreNMS?

are u confirming your syslog is recieving the syslog
are u confirming your Cisco Meraki is sending syslog? ( aka good config)

Are you confirming other device is sending syslog to your LNMS?
(is the syslog table filled in the database of LNMS?)

Check what hostname is sending your meraki device in the syslog.

If it doesnt match with librenms hostname, will be ignored. You can also map hostnames to devices for syslog. Check at the bottom in