Meru Controllers and AP320's

I’m new to LibreNMS I used to use Cacti for years, but it’s become clunky and when it breaks, boy does it break…

so I tossed in the towel and installed LibreNMS, so far it’s been great, it’s picked up all of our MFP’s (Toshiba …after I modded the toshiba.yaml file with the MFP’s OID) and ESXi’ VM’s etc

But I’ve hit a brick wall with our Meru Controller (3200) it’s correctly picked up by LibreNMS as a fortinet device (they bought out Meru some time ago).

But it only ever sees the bond interface, it sees nothing past that even though when you snmpwalk the OID it gives all the information of all the AP’s (we have around 250), I’ve followed the adding a foreign OID to LibreNMS guide but got nowhere…

Anyone ever got one of these wifi controllers into libreNMS ?

Validate your install with ./validate.php

You can request new device support by creating a github issue or you can add it yourself by following these docs:

./validate.php works fine no errors …I’ll put in a request for support for meru controllers & AP’s


Did you ever get this working in your environment? If so, I’d love for you to share your resolution with me as I’m having the same issues as you with our controllers.

Hi Guys,

We have a lot of customers using Meru (now Fortinet WLC), so I’ve been working on getting the MCR to graph things like 2.4/5Ghz wireless stations, online/offline AP’s, etc. Hope to have something submitted back to Git sometime soon.


No never got it working it simply monitors the bond connection and nothing more… I gave up all librenms does with the meru controller is monitor its up /down status… Which is a shame because the snmp from the meru is all there… But I ran out of time to sort it out so had to settle for simple up/down monitoring

Hi, same here. I only get:
System Name, Resolved IP
Operating System: Fortinet FortiWLC
Object ID: .
Uptime …
bond0 with no data
Did monitoring with zabbix some time ago, there I was able to query traffic, APs, per APs, user per SSID…

MIBs are available, tell me how I can help to get it running!


Hi guys,

AP/Client count added. Maybe more to come, but basics are there for now. The bond0 interface still doesn’t graph, despite it being detected as an ethernet interface, so if you’re using N+1, it won’t show bandwidth use.

Single controller (no N+1) will graph interfaces properly.

Best regards

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