Metrics lost after update from snmp v2 to v3 for cisco switch

Hi all,

librenms don’t give me the metrics of cisco switch after the change from SNMP V 2 to V3
i deleted and i added it again and i done also the discover
but i have only the poller time and perfermance modules, i haven’t the port or ather network metrics


thank you in advance.

was looked at in discord channel


thank you with your help I thought of this command it is perfect it adds me the device but I do not have metrics networks ports

i use this commande like this
./addhost.php -g 2 -p ifAlias rti-device ap v3 USERV3 PASSWORDV3 PRIVkeyV3 SHA AES 161

some one can say me why i haven’t network metrique

thank you in advance

If you are using snmp v3 you need to check restriction with the snmpv3 for that device.
Or check the IfIndex.