MIB for fs.com S1150-8T2F

I am considering LibreNms for a small roaming network from the European Bridge League, and the World Bridge Federation. Currently in China for the Bermuda Bowl.

I was playing around with Observium, but found on the net a pointer to LibreNms, which looks good too.

Now my short term issue is that I have some fs dot com switches, of type S1150-8T2F, which seem not supported by Observium. Looking at the fs dot com website I found the following link https://img-en.fs.com/file/user_manual/s1150-8t2f-switch-snmp-mib-files.zip

This looks like these switches do not take the MIBs from the fscom directory, but have their own. The directory with files in nms

Am I correct that these are indeed other MIBs, and if so, how much work would it be to get them supported?

I am also checking with the fs.com guys.

Hans van Staveren

Replying to myself:

I have one old, and three newer switches.

The old one seems to have enterprise number 3320, and the new ones 52642

For that new number I found MIB files, and some indication on github that something was done for these switches.
Can anyone confirm or deny that LibreNMS works with these switches?

Have you tried any another switches?

By Baudcom

LibreNMS should be working with these switches.