MIBS updated?

Hi Community,

Companies regularly publish updates for network equipment, for example FortiOS. Often new MIBS are released with update`s.

Now my question is this in Librenms also regular MIBS
updated or only if there is a problem?

I know Librenms does not work at all with MIBS but this is easiest.

I ask this question out of curiosity. thank you in advance :grinning:.


Well, LibreNMS does work with MIBs. What doesnt is mib based polling, e.g. read the mib file and get all the info from device.

Said that, MIBs are updated as soon as someone in the community (remember, this is a community project) update them. Usually when the vendor implement something new or, more often, when the vendor change OIDs and break the code.

No auto-update of MIBs if you are asking that :slight_smile:

LibreNMS does not parse MIBs to decide what to poll. It has its own definitions of what to poll.

So if there are new features of the mib to poll someone will need to update the yaml/code and when they do that should include the updated MIB.