Missing Custom Device Settings --> "Description" field in device Overview


I’m new to LibreNMS and am in the process of converting out of Observium to LibreNMS. One thing I noticed is that the Description field from Device Settings --> Description isn’t showing up in the Overview tab when you bring up the device.

Is this a known issue or is it showing up somewhere else?

Thank you for your time!

We don’t show that on the device overview page.

If you can indicate where you think it should go on a screenshot, should be easy enough to add in.

WOW, first, thank you for the quick response!!
I read how this group is wonderful, but this is rather surprising!

Here’s a screen grab with an arrow where I’d like to see it (below Resolved IP and above Hardware):


I’ve submitted a pull request. It’s up to others to merge so can’t promise it will go in.

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Thanks so much! :grinning:

Laf- I had another thought about this feature request. Can you set it to only show if there’s data in the description field? The line item itself wouldn’t show up if there’s no data in the description field for the device.



That’s already how it works. Just look at the code:

if ($device['purpose']) {...

Maybe you have a blank space in there? Then we could PR a change to check for empty(), but I think a space should already evaluate as false in PHP.

Yeah not sure if you’ve updated and it’s not working for you but it will only show if we have data in the field.

I have updated and it is working as specified. I didn’t realize that it hid it automatically if it didn’t have any data.

Thanks again! You can consider this feature request as closed. :slight_smile: