Missing optical information after couple of hours


We have 2 kinda medium/big separate instances of Librenms and both apparently have this bug.

Version 22.3 and 23.08

After some hours if a Optical Interfaces is disconnect for a random reason we lose the whole data of the DBm graph.

For instance, of an external circuit is broken and fixed after a day we can’t compare the optical data from before the event.

This seems to occur only with RX data the TX remains ok

The only way (I think) for this to happen is if your device stops sending the relevant output via SNMP when the interface is disconnected, check the poller debug for when an interface next disconnects and see if you can see the data for it, I’m guessing you can’t at which point on discovery it will remove the interface until it’s back up.

Apparently after couple of days graph return to normal state and probably merged data

Not sure if it’s a poller problema cuz the TX values was intact all the time

We’d need to see the output of a poller debug whilst this is happening to see.